Event Name Locations Participants
All Day  
12:00 am
6:30 am
7:00 am
GPES Staff Retreat GPES Gym GPES Staff
THS Staff Meetings TSHS Performing Arts Center (includes stage)
TSHS Commons
TSHS Certificated Staff
7:30 am  
8:00 am
MVMS Orientation Maple View Middle School MVMS Students
MVMS Staff
MVMS Parents
STAR Autism Training CSC Board Room - North Side (25/40 cap) Special Services
Summit Trail Teacher Work Day Summit Trail Middle School STMS Certificated Staff
T&L Meeting CSC Board Room - South Side (25/40 cap) Teaching & Learning Department
8:30 am  
9:00 am
Substitute Orientation CSC Lobby Conference Room (8 cap) Human Resources
TSHS Cheer Practice TSHS Auxiliary Gym TSHS Cheer
9:30 am
10:00 am
10:30 am
11:00 am
TSD Event TSHS Main Gym Tahoma District Staff
11:30 am
12:00 pm
12:30 pm
1:00 pm
Elementary Science Training CSC Board Room - South Side (25/40 cap) Teaching & Learning Department
STMS 8th Grade Web Training - TES TES Gym STMS Staff
1:30 pm
THS Running Start STEP Meeting TSHS Future Ready Center TSHS Seniors
2:00 pm
2:30 pm
3:00 pm
TSHS Fall Sports Practice - Fields TSHS Auxiliary Field (Soccer Field)
TSHS Baseball Field
TSHS Football Field and Track
TSHS Football Freshmen
TSHS Football JV
TSHS Football Varsity
TSHS Soccer Girls Varsity
TSHS Soccer Girls JV
TSHS Soccer Girls C-Team
TSHS Fall Sports Practice - Gyms TSHS Auxiliary Gym
TSHS Main Gym
TSHS Mat and Dance Room
TSHS Volleyball C-Team
TSHS Volleyball JV
TSHS Volleyball Varsity
3:30 pm
Special Ed Meeting CSC Lobby Conference Room (8 cap) Special Services
THS Football Dinner TSHS Commons TSHS Football Varsity
4:00 pm
4:30 pm
5:00 pm
MV Soccer Practice STMS Soccer Field Maple Valley Soccer Association
5:30 pm
MV Pony CRES Baseball Field 2 (Gingritch)
MVMS Baseball Field
STMS Baseball Field
Maple Valley Pony Baseball
Open House/Supply Drop Off Tahoma Elementary School Tahoma Elementary School
TES Students
TES Parents
TES Staff
Special Board Meeting CSC Board Room (80/45 cap) Tahoma Board of Directors
TSHS Band Field Rehearsals TSHS Football Field and Track TSHS Band
6:00 pm
GPES Meet & Greet GPES Stage
GPES Staff Room
GPES Soccer Field
GPES Restrooms
GPES Portable 511
GPES Portable 504
GPES Pod 400
GPES Pod 300
GPES Pod 200
GPES Pod 100
GPES Parking Lot
GPES Office
GPES Music Room 315
GPES Library
GPES Kitchen - requires Food Service employee
GPES Covered Playshed
GPES Conference Room
GPES Classroom 501
GPES Classroom 404
GPES Classroom 201
GPES Classroom 145
GPES Classroom 106
GPES Classroom 103
GPES Classroom 101
GPES Classroom
GPES Baseball Field 2
GPES Baseball Field
GPES Students
GPES Parents
GPES Staff
MV Parks Tennis - TSHS TSHS Lights - Baseball, Fastpitch, or Tennis Court
TSHS Tennis Courts
Maple Valley Parks & Recreation
6:30 pm
11:30 pm